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Analysis of LED Lighting Market in India in 2016

发布者:admin 发布时间:2017-04-17

Indian lighting market is growing rapidly, LED lighting market in 2016 reached 1.14 billion dollars, an annual growth of 47.1%. With the Indian government intends to India to create the East Asian and Gulf countries of the lighting products export hub Osram India lighting market is developing rapidly,
Shanghai Pigeon Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015, is located in the beautiful state-level high-tech development zone - Shanghai Fudan Software Park Development Zone, is a professional high-end LED lighting product design, development, manufacturing, marketing, One of the emerging high-tech enterprises, the main push LED lighting professional design customization, intelligent chemical interoperability, modular intelligent dual-drive protection applications to create, GGRENN Pigeon Technology's core competitive advantage lies in --- product design novel, stable performance , Intelligent and dual-drive chip escort, and for the first time integration of construction, interior decoration, lighting applications, light technology, lighting research and development, product manufacturing and other fields of information and technology to LED characteristics, based on optical, thermal, mechanical, Aesthetics cross-border integration of research and development to the building space on the physical needs of lighting products, the human atmosphere of the lighting needs of the atmosphere-oriented, the new definition of LED lighting products and lighting applications to ensure that the product development and attention to the customer's final experience and product practical application effect lighting with leading international brands in the product development stage that is maintained Cause, but also really dove TU technology each product with independent intellectual property rights and special effects lighting applications.
Well pigeon-quality lighting products in full compliance with European standards, most of the products through CE certification, in part through TUV certification. The company's manufacturing system has passed the GMC (TUV) certification. Continue to lead the innovative design, excellent product quality, rigorous and effective marketing methods for the creation of high-quality high-end GGRENN brand escort! Adhering to the "abide by the commitment, Thanksgiving society"