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LED lights and energy-saving lamps contrast

发布者:admin 发布时间:2017-04-17

The advantages of LED lights
1. Energy saving: luminous efficiency of up to 80% to 90%
2. Environmental protection: LED production process does not need to add mercury, do not need inflatable, good impact resistance, good shock resistance, easy to break, easy to transport, very environmentally friendly, has become "green energy."
3. Life is very long: generally between 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, because the LED is a semiconductor device, even if frequent switching, it will not affect the service life.
4.LED components of the volume is very small: more convenient for a variety of equipment layout and design, and can better achieve the night lighting "saw the light but not the light source" effect
5.LED emitted light energy concentration is high: concentrated in the smaller wavelength window, high purity.
6.LED response time is very fast: in the subtle level, as long as the switch is open, immediately will be bright, there will be no delay and flashing phenomenon.
7. LED luminous directivity is very strong: brightness attenuation is much lower than the traditional light source.
8.LED use low-voltage direct current can be driven: with a small load, the advantages of interference, the use of environmental requirements are relatively low
9. To better control the composition of the luminous spectrum: which can be better for the museum and the exhibition hall of the local or key lighting.
10. The size of the banned tape can be controlled by controlling the semiconductor luminescent layer semiconductor material: it emits light of various colors and has a higher chroma.
11. High color: do not cause harm to people's eyes.
Advantages of energy saving lamps:
1. Energy saving: luminous rate of about 30%
2. Long life: 30,000 hours or so
3. Light soft, not dazzling.
4. The price is relatively modest
LED lights shortcomings:
1. expensive
2. Large heat
Disadvantages of energy saving lamps:
1. Pollution of the environment: the production process and the use of waste after the mercury pollution, the current Western countries, mercury pollution is a considerable attention. People are increasingly aware of the dangers of mercury pollution.
2. Start slow: if necessary, need to start electronic ballasts
3. Bright line spectrum (discontinuous), so the usual energy-saving lamps violet light, in the energy-saving lamps to see things will be seriously discolored. Blue will turn purple, red and yellow look will be more vivid. So in the color of the workplace should not use energy-saving lamps.
4. Because it is glass products, easy to break, bad transport, bad installation.
5. easy to damage, short life, energy saving is not the money this sentence is the best portrayal of it
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