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LED Dove to build KA commercial shop lighting solutions

Dove to create commercial shop lighting solutions
Shop Lighting is an important part of the commercial shop space, play in the stores and the role of color is as important as the lighting design can effectively attract and guide the attention of consumers, to create a comfortable, safe and harmonious atmosphere of light. Clever shop lighting design, can improve the value of the goods, strengthen the customer's willingness to buy, so that the effect of visual marketing to achieve the best state.
Shanghai pigeon en Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "pigeon en lighting") as a professional lighting solutions expert, has been advocating the store lighting is not only lighting and architectural space, but the cross is art, fashion to interpretation and interpretation, based on this idea, combined with consumer demand, develop professional business shop lighting solutions.
KA commercial shop lighting solutions
KA commercial shop lighting solutions from the perspective of cross-border art, comprehensive analysis, overall design of the shop plan, which can store with excellent lighting performance art, product promotion, visual image, show unique window design and exhibition display, the different texture and color features in commodity show in different light environments.
In addition to pay attention to the expression of cross-border art, KA commercial shop lighting solutions multiple connotations, interpretation of the meaning of the overall design of the commercial shop lighting:
KA commercial shop lighting solutions covering Science, Systerm (Science, system), Humanization (human nature), Energy saving (energy), wisdom (wisdom), Fshional (cutting-edge fashion) five aspects, to provide scientific and pigeon en lighting system store lighting solutions from the design of lighting solutions, product customization, VI lighting system, according to the characteristics of different shops and signage system, custom personalized solutions, third refined clothing, in store, create light clothing at the same time, taking into account the cost and expenses arising from the long time use of lamps, lighting lighting in the development of pigeon en plan, focusing on the effect of energy-saving lamps; fourth, taking into account the variability of fashion elements, the use of intelligent lighting products to achieve well pigeon Shop Lighting adjustable light color, in order to adapt to the myriads of changes Fashion elements; fifth, in addition to cross-border implementation of shop lighting, lighting stores will hope pigeon en connect with consumers through light art, not only highlight the beauty of clothing, but also enhance the consumer fashion experience, and fashion lighting will be connected to achieve cross-border spread of art.

IT - KA perfect interpretation
I.T business mainly for fashion brands from around the world to master brand, such as D&G, Miu Miu, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dirk Bikkembergs, Cacharel, Hussein Chalayan, Anna Sui and so on. The latest international fashion elements on T stage are all present here, coupled with innovative avant-garde design shops, and become the brightest star fashion enthusiasts preferred resort trend.


A series of embedded spotlights, unique design, anti glare light lighting to create a key, highlight the characteristics of clothing, large angle adjustable window display design can satisfy the lighting design, lighting and lighting based on the fit, the full effect of control elements on the illumination light environment. The extension of the material, Rui star embedded spotlights efficient heat dissipation, solves the long-term lighting heat generated by the 15 degrees -24 degrees angle collocation use, create precise lighting to highlight the texture of clothing, pay attention to the function of each region, strengthen the regional characteristics through personalized lighting, create a relaxed atmosphere, bring joy to guests feel.

Whether it is simple or the atmosphere of luxury fashion, a well lighting through professional lighting design and shop VI will show the most incisive style shops, and customized products not only high quality, unique appearance design for products not only lighting, but also become part of the decorative art, so as to enhance the image of the store, if you still shop lights may wish to upset, and pigeon en lighting chat.