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Hotel solutions

Impressive facade lighting
Professional facade lighting is an important part of the hotel and restaurant appearance. For facade lighting, it is necessary to highlight the special features of the building, without causing any adverse effects.
In addition to creating a classic lighting scene, the dynamic color LED, video wall, building outline lighting, and even water walls and other ultra modern architectural entertainment lighting system can be presented one by one. Architecture can be truly a landmark. Unique lighting effects can create a 3D scene, for the construction of its unique personality, so that it becomes a moving landscape in the urban landscape day and night. The use of intelligent sensors and controller, so that the system can be adjusted according to the brightness level of the sun, in different weather conditions can create a lasting gorgeous visual effect.

Signs - flexible and durable
A sign lamp is one of the most distinctive and eye-catching ways to communicate with the public through the text or light box. Due to the long hours of work, the high cost of replacement and the need for extreme weather conditions, this form of outdoor advertising must provide the best efficiency, reliability and functionality.
Contour text requires uniform and efficient backlight illumination. The uniform illumination of the lamp box will be realized by the backlight or side illumination which can improve the definition. Side lighting can be used for very low profile text to create a decorative effect.

Hall lighting - attractive and practical
The key to creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the hotel lobby is the interaction between decorative lighting and functional lighting. From the moment the guests step into the hotel, they will feel the feeling of being at home and pay attention to the specific area of the lighting in the hall, so as to be more familiar with the environment. The area can be lifted by projecting the ceiling.
The perfect lighting interaction can not only give people the impression of harmony, but also can visually show the overall architectural features of each hotel.

Lighting for corridors and stairs - protection of safety
There are two main factors to be considered in the lighting system of corridor and stairs, that is, directionality and safety. Therefore, the use of the correct lighting in these areas can create a perfect atmosphere in two areas. It can help customers find the road around the building, and provide a safe and comfortable feeling during its stay.
As with any other area of the building, the lighting of the corridors and stairways shall be applicable to the overall structure of the building. In addition, the use of lighting in the area of 24 hours a day, must also provide an efficient and cost-effective solution - the use of intelligent lighting management system.

Hotel room lighting - comfortable and variable
Perfect hotel room lighting will make people feel comfortable and safe. Guests will feel at home when they enter the room. In addition, good lighting also means no annoying glare and thick shadows.
Guests should be able to adjust the lighting according to their needs and preferences so as to be able to read, rest or work quietly. Also, lighting must cater to the hotel's style.

Lighting in restaurants and bars - exciting and dynamic
Atmosphere and partition is the main component of the perfect lighting for hotels and bars. The right lighting can provide customers with a soft reserved private area in the area of desks and chairs. At the same time, walkways and service areas should be more bright lighting. The brightness of the lighting should be sufficient to allow guests to read the menu comfortably and easily see the faces of others. Moreover, the light of the lighting should also be moderately soft to create a private area.
Modern lighting system can create a wide range of lighting scenarios, such as the control of white light. In particular, such a small and convenient LED solution can be easily integrated into the building, so as not to need to pay attention to the light source to create an exciting atmosphere.

Conference room lighting - professional and flexible
Modern conference room lighting includes a number of requirements - the spotlight from the speaker's presentation to the lighting required to take notes during the presentation and assignments. A series of lighting effects with direct and indirect light play an important role.
An intelligent lighting control system with a central control panel and a plurality of decentralized controllers (if needed) can provide flexible functional lighting for a professional meeting room. They can be used for a variety of applications ranging from small meetings to large events.


Fitness area lighting - restore physical strength and vitality
Fitness area lighting must create a variety of atmosphere. In areas where guests need to rest, the lighting must be soft, indirect and colorful. In the fitness area, high brightness can make the guests full of vitality. Ancillary areas, such as changing rooms or corridors, need a sense of security.

Basement and garage lighting - as safe and economical as possible
Safety is the primary consideration of basement and garage lighting. In the right light, it is easier to quickly identify people, obstacles and boundaries, thereby providing a sense of security.
In addition, the garage lighting also needs to be economical and practical. High maintenance costs caused by the long lighting time of 365 days a year up to 24 hours and the risk of maintenance work, requires people to use energy-efficient lighting tools, durable durable, and the tool with intelligent lighting management system and fully meet the above requirements.