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Exhibition hall solution

Architectural lighting - different styles, memorable
The use of lighting technology can not only perfect the appearance of the building, but also on the construction of different scenarios. The lighting scheme combined with the plane lighting assembly and the special effect lighting component can use the relationship between light and shadow to present the characteristic structure of the building in the way of contrast. The use of a variety of media (such as the projection of light and video, pictures, mobile text and animation in the form of color structure) can make the building exterior walls show a wide range of design.
With high luminous intensity and appropriate light distribution characteristics, to ensure that the light is not affected by bad weather components can play a role in emphasizing the architectural features.

 Art Museum and Gallery Lighting - protection and lighting
The art museum and the museum's lighting program must ensure that works of art are not exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The lighting scheme based on LED technology meets this requirement, but also with excellent color rendering in the hue and light intensity to provide unlimited possibilities, so as to ensure that the right light to show the art treasures. In addition, LED solutions can also ensure that the color of the product throughout the life cycle has a very high stability. The art museum and the art gallery usually use daylight illumination, and artificial light often plays a complementary role with sunlight.
The use of LED lighting technology with high efficiency and energy saving, can every kind of methods to implement the lighting concept for specific space or works of art, such as lighting and Ceiling Recessed type ceiling lighting system to track spotlight.

 Science and technology museum lighting - reputation, inspire the future
With the help of lighting technology, the best way to present a variety of exhibits in the Museum of science and technology. For a specific space and objects, three-dimensional models and display of lighting scene, you can best develop and use efficient LED solutions.
LED lighting technology can significantly reduce glare, in addition to meet the requirements of the protection of exhibits, but also in its entire life cycle can be in terms of color rendering, color stability to meet the application requirements. The lighting system is easy to operate and control.