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Large shopping solutions

Department store City in addition to providing customers with shopping, but also has become a place for leisure activities, so that customers feel comfortable, casual, warm shopping atmosphere. Good lighting can improve the level of decoration, so that customers feel comfortable, stay longer, to promote the increase in purchasing behavior.
Large department store commercial city due to the effect of space display requirements, power consumption is very large. From the point of view of economy, energy saving and environmental protection, the time interval control dimming system, or basic lighting (functional lighting) and key lighting lamps are separately controlled and opened according to the full or part in creating the most suitable lighting environment at the same time, to achieve the purpose of saving energy (the recommended scheme using 4000K neutral LED fluorescent light lamp).
The facade lighting plays a very important role in guiding the pedestrian into the commercial city. Exterior lighting including signs, commercial advertising and wall modeling. The commonly used commercial city LOGO light box, through the gorgeous color and unique style to attract pedestrians; can also use the facade cast light, light commercial city outside or within the transmission way, create a business atmosphere of a superb collection of beautiful things. The proposal suggests that the exterior lighting should be individually designed to achieve a more perfect effect
Commercial city entrance
Business is the entrance to the city to show the first impression of the client, the flow of people, to create a brilliant bright atmosphere, arouse the consumer awareness, bright space so that customers have a sense of security, so the brightness is usually better than indoor high brightness, color temperature should be coordinated with the interior, so as to avoid too strong contrast, obviously excessive. Lamp configuration recommendations: the use of 4000K neutral light LED grille lamp, LED lamp
Commercial city atrium

Atrium is the buffer zone of commercial city and public activity space, and increase the open sense of commercial city, regulate air quality, improve the quality and level of the whole commercial city space. Therefore, the atrium lighting design should have a certain artistic, decorative space and create a comfortable environment. Atrium building generally has the design of natural lighting, but the night business must rely on artificial lighting. The space at the top of the tall atrium should adopt the 4000K neutral light LED lamp lighting, to improve the top lighting, the walls can also set the LED lamp lighting, but also can enrich the space level. Recommend the use of 4000K neutral light lamp configuration: LED lamp, LED lamp
Commercial city channel, elevator, rest area

Department Store commercial city is an indoor public space, large flow, good channel lighting can provide customers with the right flow guide. To ensure that customers and Commercial City financial security, can adopt high-efficiency energy-saving LED lamp arranged with the ceiling, full uniform light. Lamp configuration recommendations: the use of 4000K neutral LED down light.

Both sides of the elevator handrails on the appropriate lighting can guide the customer to walk, can be used to hide the LED fluorescent lamp on the vertical surface of the handrail glass lighting, giving people a sense of security, and play a decorative role. Install the LED ceiling lamp at the bottom of the handrail stair to carry out the basic lighting for the next stair. Lighting configuration recommendations: the use of 4000K neutral T8 fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp
The transition space between the elevator and the elevator, is a relatively large amount of customer flow, but also show the floor area of commodity information, LED downlight and LED grille lamp can use high brightness lighting key. Recommend the use of 4000K neutral light lamp configuration: LED grille lamp, LED lamp
Comfortable, elegant rest area, to the customer is a kind of enjoyment. In this area the brightness of the light is not easy too high, should be anti glare lamp with low light and low temperature. Lighting configuration recommendations: the use of 4000K neutral LED ceiling lamp, LED panel lights
Service desk, sales area

The service desk is to provide customers with personalized service, can be used to achieve high brightness LED lighting, to meet the service desk writing brightness requirements; usually, large commercial city service station background wall decoration reflect commercial city positioning and enterprise culture, should use the 4000K LED or LED light rail neutral lamp wall lamp to focus on lighting. The prominent. Recommend the use of 4000K neutral light lamp configuration: LED lamp, LED lamp track
The basic lighting of each sales area is an important part of the overall lighting of large commercial city, but also to deepen the overall impression of customers, depicting the characteristics of the basic lighting products. Sales area space lighting allows to have their own personality, but not with the commercial city of the overall lighting environment in conflict, the use of shading type inconspicuous lamps better. Recommend the use of 4000K neutral light lamp configuration: LED lamp, LED lamp panel
Large commercial city of the sales area and display a variety of functions, such as clothing, jewelry, household goods, etc.. Display in the form of the model scene display, window display, display cabinets, island shelf display cabinet and display. To ensure the visual effect of the stereoscopic, material and color of the product, and to increase the customer's expectation of the product. Lamp configuration is recommended to use 4000K neutral light: LED grille spotlights, LED ceiling lights, LED spotlights, LED fluorescent tubes, LED small spotlights

Through the above analysis, we draw the following conclusions: the department store atmosphere is quiet, warm and comfortable, while the goods are in very bright light is beautiful, with "contrast proportionate"; general lighting and its key lighting color temperature consistent, should be close to 4000K, further strengthened quiet comfort. The atmosphere is reminiscent of maturity, sexy, fashion, luxury and dignity.