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LED lamps and lanterns of intelligent dual drive technology

technical background
From the sixties of the last century since the commercial LED market, LED in the lighting industry has been applied for more than 50 years, the industry's upper, middle and lower reaches has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, LED is being used in more and more The more the industry.
LED known as the 21st century green lighting products, and now almost the eyes of the world are focused on this new light source, compared with the traditional light source, has an unparalleled advantage:
1, high purity, bright and rich colors. At present, LED products cover almost the entire visible spectral range, and the color purity is high. And the traditional way to obtain color light is incandescent plus filter, greatly reducing the light efficiency;
2, long life. LED actual life of more than 50,000 hours, for the general light several times or even several times;
3, there is no mercury in the light, the beam does not contain ultraviolet light. LED is a solid light source, green, especially for high-end clothing stores, shops, perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other professional places to meet their display of goods on the special requirements of lighting;
4, solid luminescence, seismic performance is good, solid and reliable;
5, energy saving, economy, maintenance-free;
6, dynamic color control, light and dark adjustable, three primary colors of the LED combination can be used to achieve the color change PWM;
7, LED has a strong luminous direction, high luminous flux utilization, and small size, easy to LED lighting design and light intensity distribution control;
8, LED can be used DC low voltage power supply, safe and reliable;
9, LED from the start-up temperature limit, can be instantaneous start, usually a few ms, and can instantly achieve full flux output.
The main application of traditional light sources generally include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, PAR lights, metal halide lamps and so on. This type of light source power consumption, color and control a single way, and the light source heat radiation, in some special places by the application of a certain limit. The LED light source with full color easy to control, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, can create other traditional light source can not replace the high-quality light environment, can fully meet the high-end indoor lighting atmosphere of the market demand, to the interior space lighting design provides a new The idea. With the improvement of the requirements of the lighting, high-power LED lights were born, and in the field of existing lighting in the proportion of growing, high-power LED LED lighting in the field of indoor lighting applications found Breakthrough, accelerating the LED in the field of indoor lighting applications. But with the power is increased, the failure rate is also increasing, and the reasons for the failure of LED light source in addition to a small number of LED lamp quality problems, the most inevitable is the LED drive power failure, the existing LED lights through A period of time tracking detection, part of the LED lamps have failed. Through the analysis of the fault, we found that the proportion of LED drive power supply damage as high as 94%, lamp itself quality and other failures accounted for 6% Although the LED lamp theoretical life of up to 50,000 hours (13.7 years by 10 hours / day ), But its drive circuit life is short, about 13,000 hours (3 years) and even some 0.5 million hours (1 year). The drive power supply becomes a short board that restricts the service life of LED lighting. At the same time in some occasions the cost of replacing the replacement of LED lamps, than the purchase of new sets of lamps also expensive, which for users or companies is very high cost
Under the limitations of the existing technology, in order to improve the life of the drive power, you need other programs, in this premise ---------- LED lighting intelligent dual drive came into being.
Intelligent dual drive technical features:
Dual drive, by the name can be seen is the two drive power smart switch means for the LED lighting integrated two drive power, two drive power between a smart module to switch between the dual drive, the main technology is intelligent Module, intelligent module to be able to drive a power supply in the event of failure, the opening of another spare drive power, which doubled the lamp life.
Intelligent dual drive technology principle:
An LED lamp is equipped with two drive power, two drive power sub-primary power supply, in the course of the use of the main drive power to work, to the LED lights, intelligent modules also work, sub-drive power does not work (no power) , The intelligent module will always monitor the working status of the main power supply, including voltage, current, etc. When the main power drive failure, the intelligent module will promptly detect the power failure, when the fault is confirmed, the intelligent module will quickly switch to the secondary drive power, Level) to LED lights power supply, in order to ensure the normal operation of LED lamps, in this context, you can extend the life of LED lamps.