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LED lighting intelligent control system

Intelligent lighting system design
First, the project needs
Is the soul of the shop, and the lighting is the soul of the display, for the display of product color, material, design, workmanship and other effects are very intuitive, through different lighting angles, brightness and color, you can outline space, create an atmosphere, Brand image, to give customers a better shopping experience. And different color temperature of the light on the color clothing, jewelry shops, etc., can bring a different mood and texture. The importance of lighting in the design and application of various shops has become negligible.
In order to adapt to the intelligent lighting of commercial lighting is the future development trend, to better serve customers, enhance the marketing environment and quality, enhance brand competitiveness, intelligent lighting system project, will be targeted in accordance with the project design.
Second, the system design
Lighting control system is the traditional lighting distribution box through the manual switch to control the lighting on and off, or through the loop into the contactor, to achieve long-distance control. Now the building automation (BA) system, is the electrical contact to achieve regional control, timing off, the central monitoring and other functions. As the lighting control system in the BA system is not independent, while the control function is simple, so the use of a certain degree of limitations. So when the BA system failure, the lighting system is also affected. With the development of microelectronics technology and digital technology, developed an intelligent level of higher professional lighting control of the independent system, which can save energy, extend lamp life, improve lighting quality. According to the experience of the use of units, not only in lighting management and equipment maintenance of simple and reduce costs, but also to improve the environment, improve work efficiency has a significant effect.
Third, the structure and composition of the system Intelligent lighting control system according to the network topology, generally have the following two types, bus and star-based hybrid architecture. They have their own characteristics, the former flexibility is strong, easy to expand, control relatively independent, low cost. The latter is more reliable, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting is simple, access protocol is simple, high transmission speed. General intelligent lighting control system are digital lighting management system, which consists of system unit, input unit and output unit composed of three parts. In addition to the power supply, each unit sets a unique unit address and sets its function in software. Through the output unit to control the load circuit, various forms of the unit outlined below:
1, the system unit: to provide work power, the source system clock and a variety of system interfaces, including system power, a variety of interfaces (PC, Ethernet, telephone, etc.), network bridge. The main system implements the same control and signal sampling network for each region; the subsystem implements different networks of specific control for each partition. The main system and the subsystem through the information and other components to connect, to achieve data transmission.
2, the input unit: for the external control signal into the network transmission of the signal; such as programmable multi-function (on / off, dimming, timing, soft start / soft shutdown, etc.) input switch, infrared receiver switch and Infrared remote control (to achieve light dimming or on / off function). Various types and multi-function control panel, (such as the provision of LCD page display and control methods, and graphics, text, pictures to do soft keys, can be multi-point control, timing control, storage of a variety of bright mode, etc.) , A variety of functional sensors (such as infrared sensors can be aware of human activities to control the lamp or other load switch, brightness sensor), through the brightness of the surrounding environment detection, adjust the brightness of the light source, so that the surrounding environment to maintain appropriate illumination, To achieve the effective use of natural light, saving energy.
3, the output unit: intelligent control system output unit is used to accept the signal from the network transmission, control the output of the corresponding loop to achieve real-time control. The output unit has various types of relays. Dimmer (to load the current as the adjustment object, in addition to dimming function, but also can be used as a soft start of the lamp, soft off) analog output unit, lighting dimming interface, infrared output module. The system is generally centralized control and management, decentralized implementation of the way, that is, the configuration of the central monitoring center and intelligent control lighting cabinet, the former control computer, the main communication controller and other equipment for the entire system control and management work through the network The control command and the intelligent control cabinet of the programmable controller to communicate with, and receive from the intelligent control cabinet programmable controller on the automatic and manual working status, lamp on / off status, and in the case of abnormal treatment Measures.
Fourth, the system functions The current intelligent control system has the following functions:
1, intelligent system with a central monitoring device, the central system to monitor the entire system in order to adjust the lighting at any time on-site effects, such as the system set the lights program mode, and the computer screen simulation lighting arrangements, show the light group Turn on mode and on / off status.
2, with abnormal lighting and automatic protection of the function;
3, with the lamp start time, cumulative records, and lamp life of the statistical function;
4, in the case of power failure, with dual power cabinet automatically switch and start the emergency lighting group function;
5, the system is equipped with automatic / manual transfer switch, so that when necessary, the lights on the opening and closing of the manual operation.
6, the system set up with other systems connected to the interface, such as building building automation system (BA system), to improve the comprehensive management level.
7, with the scene preset, brightness adjustment, timing, timing control and soft start, soft off function. With the further development and improvement of intelligent systems, its function will be further enhanced. Third, the use of intelligent lighting control system using the overall effect is as follows:
1, to achieve the humane lighting; due to different regions of the lighting quality requirements are different, requiring adjustment of control illumination, in order to achieve the scene control, timing control, multi-point control and other control programs. The flexibility to modify and change the program to further ensure the quality of lighting.
2, to improve the management level of the traditional switch control lighting off, into intelligent management, so that high-quality management awareness for the system to ensure the quality of lighting.
3, energy conservation Smart sensor sensor outdoor brightness to automatically adjust the light to keep the indoor constant illumination, both to make the room has the best lighting environment, but also to achieve the effect of energy saving. According to the work of the regional operation of the illumination settings, and on time to automatically open, off lighting, so that the system can maximize energy conservation.
4, to extend the life of the lamp As we all know, the life of the lighting depends on the grid voltage, the higher the grid voltage, the lamp life will be reduced, and vice versa, the lamp life will be doubled, Appropriate to reduce the working voltage is an effective way to extend the life of the lamp. The system is designed to suppress the grid impulse voltage and surge voltage devices and artificially limit the voltage to increase lamp life. Take the soft start and soft turn off technology to avoid the thermal shock of the lamp to further extend the life of the lamp.
Fifth, the program drawings: